Technologically Advanced Wireless Pet Fence

Havahart® Wireless is the market leader in the wireless electric dog fence industry.  Keeping true to the company’s reputation for and history of innovation and painstaking research, Havahart® Wireless and its partners have now introduced the next generation of wireless wireless pet fences which are a league apart from any existing competition in the market.

It took Havahart® Wireless a little over eight years, and many patents, to push the “nanoLOC TRX 2.4 gigahertz transceiver chipset” technology to the logical next level that transformed the traditional fuzzy wireless fence boundaries into well-defined and razor-sharp trigger areas.  The result is the most effective instant circular dog fence (radius 400 feet) and the world’s very first custom-shape wireless dog fence (500 feet in any direction) that can follow the exact shape of any pre-defined area, no matter how irregular it is.

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Using the Havahart Wireless Pet Fence

The Havahart® Wireless Difference

Most wireless electric pet fences use the same hardware, i.e. the “nanoLOC TRX 2.4 gigahertz transceiver chipset.” The Havahart® Wireless difference lies in the state-of-the-art software that took years of painstaking research and development.  With this new software, Havahart® Wireless has pushed the nanoLOC transceiver technology to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What items are included in the Radial-Shape Fence?

The Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless Electric Dog Fence system has the following key components: a Radial-Shape Wireless Collar and a Controller. Each component contains an advanced transceiver that enables constant communication with each component.

Q.  What items are included in the Custom-Shape Fence?

The Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Electric Dog Fence system has the following key components: a Custom-Shape Wireless Collar, a Controller, 4 Bases and access to the Wireless Fence Tracker.

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Training Your Dog for the Havahart Pet Fence

Training your dog properly in the use of wireless electric dog fence is essential for getting the maximum benefit out of the system.  The recommended duration of training is 15 consecutive days.  A typical training schedule should consist of 10–15 minute sessions that are repeated 2–3 times a day.

There is essentially six steps that Havahart has implemented when training your dog for the wireless electric system. They are as follows:

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